Wednesday, February 11, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 24: Rest Day

Hello everyone. Today I was scheduled to do Kenpo X as the required workout for my Day 24 Recovery Week. However, circumstances prevented that from happening so today is tomorrow's rest day and tomorrow will be Kenpo X day (which I am going to replace with the more extreme Inteval X).

And if in your poll at work you selected "What Circumstance Caused Jeff To Miss his Scheduled workout?" and you guessed: Jeff and his wife went to an early dinner at a friends house and then Annie and the wife of said friend decided to go visit other friends who just had a new baby and promised to be gone for only a 1/2 hour and took Jeff's car to do this and then didn't return for almost 4 hours leaving Jeff stranded and unable to get home to do his workout -- then you sir are a winner!

And as you can probably tell from that extremely long run-on sentence above that I am not at all bitter!

See you later for my Interval X Workout!

Thanks for Reading!



  1. Ah...this is one of the reasons why I knock out my workouts in the early morning. Too many conflicts and surprises like you had. (eg: Wife: "Honey, I forgot tell you, but our son's concert is tonite and we have to work the concession stand"). If you have kids, just gets even harder.

    Anyway, 2nd Phase is adding up to be a killer. After C/S/T on Monday, Plyo X, B&B yesterday, my muscles are amped. And this mornings Kenpo was rocking. I double-timed X-Jacks during breaks and I still had gas in the tank when it was over.

    Keep bringing it...and don't forget, Valentines Day is Saturday. Buy her an extra dozen...just as know, just in case she peeks as your blog! Ha! :)


  2. Steve,

    LOL ..nice. My wife is really cool. she got a good laugh out of that post. She is getting ready to do her first 90 days of p90x starting on Feb 23rd!

    You are getting into the fun stage of the program. Your energy is going to be through the roof and you will kill your workouts. And your going to really start to see the results of your hard work.

    Keep on bringing it!