Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mailbag and Other Important Stuff ....

I will start with the other stuff ....

#1) First, My buddy Mike who completed Round One of P90X with me is back BRINGING IT! He has a blog and is keeping a daily journal of his P90X workouts and nutrition plan. Mike always posts a good read and I highly recommend bookmarking his site and checking in to see how his journey is going. Here is his link: Just a Man and His Will to Survive

#2) Next, Carl Daikler, CEO of BeachBodies, stopped by the blog with a

Carl Daikeler said...

Nice work. At least you're staying consistent and that's half the battle!Now, is
it possible you could join us March 7th for a massive online workout, and help
get the word out?I want to get leaders like you to the Beachbody WOWY Gym
( to break the record of people working out at the same time,
Saturday March 7th at 11AM ET/8AM PT.It would be great if you can make it and
bring some people with you!

This sounds like it could be fun and I am all for anything that helps with motivation for our workouts! I will plan on logging in March 7th, 11am EST, to do my scheduled Kenpo Workout. The website is, if anyone who is reading wants to join me we can all meet up in the WOWY lobby area. I will remind everyone when we get closer!

#3) I received this question this morning and it is a very common one and I am sure all of you were asking yourself this same thing at the beginning of your P90X workout ... here is the question:

I am on day 4 of P90x and I am extremely sore. Is this normal?

The short answer to this one is HELL YES it is normal! I can remember back to my first week and I wanted to die from the soreness. I had to hold the wall with my arms so I could sit down. And then once down it hurt too bad to stand up. I would tell people to not make me laugh because it hurt my abs so much. So, yes the soreness is normal. Just keep pushing play and it will soon be gone!

#4) I just watched an Original HBO movie called, "Taking Chance". It starred Kevin Bacon. He was a Marine Colonel escorting the body of a Marine KIA in Iraq to his family. One of the better movies I have seen in quite sometime. It is on HBO for the rest of the month - set your Tivo to find it - you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out dude. Looking forward to working out with you when the wife and I come down to visit in a few weeks.

    Also, if anyone questions if it'snormal to be sore during the beginning of P90X, tell them to check out my blog. I dealt heaily with the soreness issues this past week as I restarted after a layoff. I'm STILL sore and I just started week 2. If memory serves me correctly though, by the end of this week, a lot of the soreness will go away. At least that's what I keep telling myself!

  2. Jeff, thanks for the heads up on Mike's blog. I will definitely check it out.

    Mike, I am only on round one, so I am looking forward to your posts to get some insight... just like I do with Jeff's posts!

    Project Exercise

  3. Thanks Boomer -- March 7th should be fun!

  4. Whats up man?? Down to the last 2 weeks of X PLus!! I was finally able to move up some of my bicep excercises today!! i have been stuck for quite some time...I can't wait to finish up and start in on something different. I have to say that overall my shoulder strength and lower ab strength have increased a ton!! In other areas not so much but I'm sure that there is always a little give and take..... On the moving up in dumbells and down in pull-ups thing...I found that this happened to me as well. When I moved up dumbell wise my pull-ups seemed to suffer. It may just be that we use up alot of stamina while doing the dumbell least thats my guess. As i told you before my grip has also suffered recently when I increased dumbell weight which made the pull-ups extra hard.. Stay strong brother111Your lookin good!!

  5. Only 2 weeks left .. nice work buddy ... I am thinking of trying the ChaLean Extreme next!

    Also, very good point about pullups and dumbbells. I am more exhausted now since I am using heavier dumbbells. Thanks dude...probably the reason!