Sunday, February 8, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 21: REST DAY!

3 Weeks Down ..... 10 Weeks to go!

Starting Monday we have the low impact, cardio heavy "Rest Week" that is part of the P90x program.

Here is my schedule for the next seven days:

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Core Synergists

Wednesday: Interval X (replacing Kenpo)

Thursday: StretchX or Rest

Friday: Core Synergistics

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Rest Day

As I mentioned in the post below I am concerned about losing the lean weight that I have worked to put on and may add some weight lifting in this week. Since this is my first attempt at "tweaking" the Rest Week I am going to sort of decide as I go. If I am feeling strong after a workout then the dumbbells may make an appearance. If I am feeling drained then maybe I needed this rest week more than I realized!

Also, no way that I can do Yoga twice in a week -- Cardio X will be utilized at least once this week!

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  1. Jeff,

    I hear ya about doing yoga x 2x per week. When I start round 2 I will have to tweak that up too.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my site. I added you to my blog roll and I will definitely be a regular at "Dangle the Carrot" (the name is great)!

    Thanks for the information about P90X Plus that you left on my site. I clicked the link for the P90X Plus review, but I got an error page. I think it may be because the url got truncated. Can you use my contact page to send me the URL? I am really interested in reading your post. Btw, what is your opinion of the abs/core plus workout?

  2. Jeff... I found the P90X Plus review. No need to send me the url.

    Take care,
    Project Exercise

  3. Boomer,

    The Abs/Core Plus was just okay. I felt the focus was more on Core than Abs. Some of the exercises were so complicated that I never really got the hang of it during the two weeks I tried.

    I think that ARX is a much stronger workout than Abs/Core Plus.

    Maybe if my buddy Matt reads this he will share his thoughts because he has been doing it for awhile now!

  4. There's that move in Core Synergistics towards the end (lunge-kickback-upright-press up-reverse curl down) that, with dumbbells, kicked me arse both times I did it. I was using 12-lb dumbbells, so the first few were easy...then the burn started creeping in. How many reps of those, 20? I was toast! Kudo's if you still have gas left in the tank after that.

    I am intrigued by this "Interval X" you have. While its not old yet, I can tell Kenpo may get that way for me. Yoga and Kenpo are the only workouts that appear every week of P90X, so they can get old quick...and what's the mantra, "muscle confusion?"

    BTW, I did Chest/Shoulders/Triceps today. Wow...lovin' it!

  5. Glad you liked Chest/Shoulders and Triceps -- it is one of my favs too!

    That lunge-kickback-curl-cry-vomit-repeat thing is just crazy. That and the sneaky lunges just destroy me everytime. And it is like 3+ minutes long. Core Syn is just a great total body workout