Monday, February 16, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 29: Chest, Arms, Triceps, and ARX

Welcome to Week 5 ... I forgot how good the Chest, Arms and Triceps workout was until this afternoon. My arms are still feeling the pump four hours later!

I started out this morning with a large breakfast. Egg whites, turkey sausage, a bagel and a protein shake. My morning snack was a Balance Bar and an Atkins 15G Protein Shake (11oz, 160 calories). These Atkins shake taste awesome ... I find myself craving them! I had a grilled chicken breast with carrots for lunch with a piece of whole wheat toast. I am trying to get in the majority of my carbs in the first half of the day so I had a Pure Protein bar for my midday snack and two grilled chicken breast with broccoli for dinner. Very solid nutrition day and my energy level is awesome because of it!

My workout was glorious today. Absolutely crushed every rep and even used 35lb dumbbells on the "Y" presses. I used 25lbs on most of the triceps extensions today. I love the variety in this workout, and the push-ups that Tony uses are just brutal. The ones that alternate between slow motion and then fast just kill me - in a good way! ARX was great today too. I did every rep and added 5 extra reps on in-&-outs, both bicycles, crunchy frogs, and both oblique raises. I wanted to go extra on the Mason Twists but the pain was a little too much so I stopped at 40 reps and then sprawled on the floor for about 5 minutes lying in my sweat....good times!

Okay, it has now been 3 weeks since I started using the Nitrix and Cell Mass supplements. I promised I would update my experiences with them as I go. So here ya go: It took about a week to really feel the effects of them but since then my workouts have been absolutely explosive. I have increased reps and weight on just about every exercise in the P90X videos since I started using these supplements. Also, my muscles seem to be hard, ripped and lean ... and not just when I flex either, pretty much all the time. Cell Mass is a powder and it is to be used twice a day on an empty stomach, one scoop each time. I usually take before lunch time and then immediately after my workout. Nitrix is also to be taken on an empty stomach, 3 tablets, 3 times a day, 9 tablets total! I usually take it immediately when I wake up, before lunch, and before bed.

Now I don't want you to think that the supplements alone deserve all the praise. I have been working very hard on the workouts and eating very clean so by combining these three aspects has been pretty amazing. I have used other supplements in the past with mixed results but so far the Nitrix and Cell Mass get a big, fat "A+" from me! The company that sales them recommends using them on a 12-week cycle which is perfect for P90X!

Tomorrow is Plyo day and 30-DAY PICTURE DAY. I haven't looked at my before pics since I posted them! I feel like I can see the results but the pictures will not lie!

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  1. Jeff, thanks for the update on the Nitrix and Cell Mass supplements. You have peaked my interest in these products. Question... after the 12 week cycle, what does BSN recommend?

  2. Jeff...I love the C/S/T workout as well. I think its my favorite resistence workout in the whole series, with Shoulders/Arms following a close second. You did "Y" presses with 35's? I'm impressed! I used 25's on the Fly-Row-Presses, and I could hardly lift my arms to rerack my weights.

    I woke up with P90X's arch nemesis, a bad head cold. Despite that, I was able to meet or beat last weeks C/S/T totals, but did feel dizzy at the end. I thought of every excuse in the world to NOT workout - heck, I thought about skipping work - but I got up, worked out and went to work. I nailed ARX, but Mason twists ended at 35 because I was a sneezing, dripping mess.

    When I began this whole thing, I blew off taking "before" pictures as being cheezy. But now, I really wish I had done that. I'm in the middle of week 6, I'm gaining noticeable mass and dropping fat. All of my belts have come in one notch. Just looking in the mirror, I can tell a big change. But I don't have any pictures with which to compare.

    I nailed Plyo X this morning, even with a head cold and some after effects of Nyquil in my eyes. I'm looking forward to the brutal Back and Bicep tomorrow!


  3. Boomer, BSN says to work it in 12-week cycles. Stop for a couple of weeks, let your body recover, and then start again.

    After my 90 days I will take a few weeks "off" and do mostly light lifting and cardio. P90X is hard so your body needs time to recover. Then I plan on starting ChaLean Extreme and if all is still good with CellMass and Nitrix - start another cycle.

  4. Steve, Nice job sticking with the workouts while being under the weather! Especially plyo!

    Snap some photos now and you can compare on day 90! I thought the photo thing was pretty "cheesy" also. But everyone said to do it so I did and am glad that I did. What a great way to motivate yourself! And by sticking them online for the world to see really makes me push for some extra reps. It's one thing to fail and only you know, it is another to fail with hundreds of people watching!