Saturday, February 21, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 34: Legs, Back, and ARX

Since I screwed up yesterday and did Kenpo instead of Legs and Back, today I did Legs and Back! No harm, no foul!

Nutrition-wise everything went great today. Protein shake in the morning, Balance bars for both snacks with Atkins protein drinks, lunch was a chicken sandwich with apples and carrots, and dinner was lean round steak with broccoli. I also drank about 2 gallons of water!

The workout was so-so today. For some reason I was tired going into the workout? I tried to focus and did very will on the lunges, squats and even sneaky lunges but struggled on the pull-up bar. I just didn't have the burst I normally do on the bar. On the 8 pullup exercises I only was able to do 112 reps (14 per exercise). Two weeks ago I did 136 reps (17 per). The frustrating thing for me is that during the last week of my first round of P90X I did 166 reps (20.75 per). What I can't figure out is that I have increased my weight dramatically with dumbbells of late and I figured this would translate to the pullup bar. Perplexing. I guess sometimes you just do not have the energy and all you can do is push play and do your best. Next Friday I am going to do Legs and Back in the morning and see how my results look!

I struggled with ARX today too. Normally I blow right through the first exercises until I get to Fifer Scissors. Well, today I was pretty winded on reverse bicycles and crunchy frogs. Fifer almost killed me and I had to pause twice. The left side oblique raises were very difficult as well and I had to pause once here. Then the Mason Twists were just awful! I made it to 30 reps and fell over in pain. I picked my self back up and finished off at 40 but it was a struggle!

Today goes to show you that not every workout is awesome and sometimes just getting through is an accomplishment unto itself. It has been awhile since I have struggled like this and am looking forward to the off day tomorrow so I can recharge for Week 6.

Tomorrow is my R & R day and Monday I begin week 6 with Chest, Arms and Triceps!

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  1. I did the same thing my second week of Phase 1, so I ended up doing L&B on Saturday. Like you said, "no harm - no foul."

    During Friday's L&B, I nailed the Sneaky Lunges, but my nemisis ended up being Iso-Toe Rolls. WOW! Not sure if I was doing them poorly before, but my thighs and calves were smokin' by the last rep...and I'm feeling it today!

    I did Yoga yesterday, which is getting much better lately. I'm completing the Warrior III's to Half Moon series with a block, which helps everything. Today I'm doing Chest-Shoulders-Triceps, tomorrow I'm doing Plyo X, so that I can be "off" on Tuesday. I can handle a liquid diet after Plyo X, but not C/S/T.


  2. Steve,

    Good to hear that yoga is going better for you! I always use the yoga blocks (whenever I actually do Nice work on the Sneaky Lunges and you are so right about the ISO Toe Rolls -- I did them yesterday with 25 lbs dumbbells for the first time ( i usually us 10 or 15 lbs) and they destroyed me. I am sore right now because of that!