Saturday, February 28, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 41: Kenpo X (and Core Syn!)

The low/no carb diet is still going strong.

I woke up this morning and made a whey protein shake. When I opened the fridge to grab the fat-free organic milk I saw a package of whole wheat bagels looking right back at me. It was almost like I could hear them saying, "Eat me, I am full of delicious complex carbs!" As much as I wanted to I did not give in and just had the protein shake. After some early morning work I had a protein bar and an Atkins Protein Drink for a snack. I then had to take my Pug Ernie to the groomers and then stopped at the Lowe's to get some sod for the yard.

Lunch for me was a chef salad with turkey, ham, and extra sliced chicken .... I took out the croutons! I then spent about 2 hours in the yard putting down the sod and working on the landscaping. The last few days have been in the 80's here so the yard needs done! After that it was around 3pm so I had another pure protein bar and some carrots for my snack. An hour laster I did the Kenpo workout and went and picked up Ernie. After that I was feeling great and had about an hour to kill. My wife was working late and nothing was on TV so I decided to do another workout before dinner - which was grilled fish and veggies again! So, I did Core Synergistics to complete a nice Saturday double!

Kenpo was pretty easy today. I added extra reps like last week and had a decent calorie burn (330). The bottom line is that I am in excellent shape cardio-wise and kenpo will never be as challenging as it was when I first began. That is part of the reason I decided to do Core Synergistics. I thought about doing Cardio X but I am becoming a little obsessive about my abs so Core Syn got the nod.

As always, Core Syn was a kickass workout. The lung-kickback-curl-press move had me sweating and burning like crazy. Also on the X-squat presses I used 15lb dumbbells and was very winded by the time I got to rep 30! The plank to chatarunga while running move was awesome for me today. I can usually only go down to chatarunga and run 2 times before I crap out but today I went down all 3 times! I love Core Synergistics!

Also, I weighed myself again this morning and am down to 159.4 lbs. Officially a 22 lb weight loss since I started P90X and about a 30 lb loss since last year. My energy level is still excellent, despite the lack of carbs, and it looks to me like I am losing the weight in my lower belly. Which was the purpose of going without carbs. Not sure how much longer I can continue these intense workouts without the energy provided by complex carbs but I am just going to keep going until I Bonk/Crash.

Oh, btw, sort of a disclaimer - this diet I am doing is not what is suggested by the P90X nutrition guide (and I am only on day 6). This is something I am doing on my own for a short period of time. High Protein diets are an excellent way to increase lean muscles and promote weight loss but a healthy mix of carbs and fat is also recommended.

Tomorrow is my Rest/Stretch X day and a Mailbag day!

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  1. Wow, you had an awesome day today. You burned some serious calories with the double workouts and the yard work!

    Yeah, Kenpo X doesn't seem to "bring it" cardio wise. The kicks and hip moves are great for the core though. I did a P90X+ workout today... Interval X Plus. I think it could be an excellent sub for Kenpo X. You can read about it on my site if you interested.

    Project Exercise

  2. Boomer,

    I saw your post that is cool you are trying the PLUS!

  3. Hi! I was looking at various P90X blogs, since I just started yesterday. It's nice to see the results that other people have gotten! Keeps me motivated!

  4. Thanks Crystal -- stop by when you need some support! And good luck with you P90x journey.