Tuesday, February 10, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 23: Core Synergistics

One of the best things about the recovery weeks is that you get to do Core Synergistics, twice! In my opinion this is one of the best, most complete P90X workouts.

I had another solid nutrition day today. I did up my carbs more than I should have with the extra 1/2 cup of long grain wild rice for dinner. It put my ratios at about 50 Carbs/30 Protein/20 Fat today but I was craving the carbs and have been working hard so I cannot say I feel bad about it!

As for the workout today it was great. My lovely wife Annie (pictured above) decided to join me for Core Synergistics and it was fun to have a workout partner. She burned about 300 calories and I ripped off 495. My average heart rate was 135 and my max was 175. I can't find her HRM to tell you hers, sorry. If was fun to watch someone else grunt their way through Superman - Banana. It was also very fun to not be the only one struggling on the lung-kickback-curl-press move. She did very well on the workout but I bet she is going to be sore tomorrow from it!!

Right now I am feeling very strong and am looking forward to my workouts everyday. Some of this has to be credited to the supplements I am taking each day: Nitrix and Cell Mass. So far these have been just an awesome stack and I can feel the difference they are making. My energy, strength, stamina, intensity, and focus all seem to have improved since I started using these products. It may be too early to tell if the effects will last the full 90 days but as of day 23 I have to grade both products an "A".

Tomorrow is Interval X again instead of Kenpo X. and I am going to have another "Mailbag" or questions column. I am thinking about doing this weekly since I have been receiving so many questions lately.

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  1. Keeping the nutritional ratios is tough. If you read the previous posts on my site, you can see that I have been pretty close to 40/40/20. However, lately since I have tried to up my calories, I have had a harder time. So it is closer to 50/40/20 (carbs being 50). Now that I am not feeling well, my body has been craving carbs. I try to do it with fruits and grains. The important thing here is even though you are 50% carbs, you are still getting enough protein (even if it is 40%).

    Anyway, I a following your use of Nitrix and CellMass. Very interesting.

  2. Boomer,

    Here is the "stack" info from BSN that I am doing: http://www.bsnonline.net/products/stacks/stacks_for.php?stackfor=men#

    I am using another pre-work out supplement just because I prefer a tablet over another powder. But overall I am very pleased with Nitrx and Cell Mass.

  3. Glad to see someone else suffering through the lunge kickback, curl press...ahahah Today I did Total Body Plus and afterward did a few of the extra Dead Lift, Curl, Presses which are similar to the hell of lunge kickback curl press. I was doing it w/ 35lbers today for the first time!! I got 9 reps the first time then 8 after the workout then 8 w/ 30lbs then another 5 w/ the 35lbs. i bet my shoulders will kill me tommorrow. They seemed to be the winkest link of the trifecta. I hope to up my mass in my shoulders a good deal during the upcoming bulk!! Only 21 more workouts until I complete the Plus!!

  4. matt, nice job adding in the extra work after. How are you doing weight wise? Any gains?

  5. I haven't been real consistent with the diet but I am up to 170lb at the same body fat% I was at 164lb. As far as weights dumbell wise I have been stuck doing the same number of reps on a few excercises for a while I really hope that the SuperPump and NO Shotgun I just started using last week will push me over this threshold!! I have had slow but steady gains throughout, but it is a little frustrating just how slow they have been. I can't wait to switch it back up to some regular gym excercises....I am getting super excited and know that the change will do a body good!!