Monday, February 23, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 36: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Ab Ripper X

Welcome to Week 6! Started off this lovely Monday morning with a Protein Shake. And hit the road early again. In the car I had a protein bar and lunch was a chicken sandwich on whole grain that I packed and left in my cooler. My snack during the afternoon was another Protein bar with an Atkins Protein Drink. I got home and did my workout and then dinner was grilled chicken breasts with mixed veggies.

You probably noticed that my carb intake was very low today. My ratio was about 65% Protein and 15% Carbs today. I have decided to up my protein and decrease my crabs for the next few weeks. My weight is sitting at 164 lbs which is an excellent weight for me. BUT, I still have a little belly left. I can feel the firmness of my abs under this one last portion of fat on my body and I really want to get rid of it. So, I figure the best way to do this is burn a few more pounds. If I do this it should help me get rid of this stomach fat. The problem is that I am extremely happy with my weight and my wardrobe is becoming limited so if I burn more weight then I may have nothing left to wear --- And that gets expensive to keep buying new clothes and then I become a hypocrite because I always am telling my wife to quit shopping so much!! But in all seriousness it should be fun to see how much more I lose!

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and ARX is a workout I always look forward to doing and today was no exception! It starts out brutal with the 3-in-1 pushups and never lets up! One of the exercises I used to dread and now love is the Pike Presses. Basically you are in a downward dog position except on your tip toes and you use you push-ups bars. You then lower the crown of your head down to almost the ground in a diving type move and press yourself back up. I used to only be able to do a couple of reps and it destroyed my shoulders. Now I can rip off about 15 reps and my shoulders burn all-so-nice! Just a great exercise. I did pretty well on ARX today also! Usually, I struggle with ARX on C/S/T days but really brought it today. Even did the extra ten Mason Twists!

Tomorrow is Plyo Day!

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  1. Fifteen pike presses! Good job! Was that with feet on the ground or on a chair? My last two rounds of C/S/T, I knocked out 11, then 12, so I thought about putting my feet on a bench for this weeks Pike's, but that round comes so fast I didn't have time to set I put my feet on the ground and got only nine! But...I was absolutely spent on the last one so that's what counts.

  2. It was on the ground. I was thinking about using my chair also but just like you said .. that round comes so fast. Maybe next week we should hit pause and try it with the chair.

    I bet I cannot do more than 6 with the chair!