Thursday, February 12, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 25: Interval X & Kenpo X

For some reason I had a ton of energy today. I started out the morning on the road around 6:30am and had a Whey Protein drink and a whole wheat bagel in the car on my way to my first appointment. My morning snack was a Pure Protein Bar. I had a Turkey sandwich on whole wheat for lunch with a few apple slices. I had another Pure Protein bar in the middle of the day and just finished of some grilled chicken breast over salad with carrots. I also took my nine Nitrix tablets throughout the day my Cell Mass around lunch and then again after my workouts.

So today I decided to do the P90X PLUS DVD Interval X in place of Kenpo. As I mentioned a few days ago Interval X is just a hard core cardio workout that just kicks my butt. It is one of my favorite P90X workouts and by far the best of the P90X PLUS series. Well, I was soaking wet with sweat after I finished Interval X but I still had a TON of energy. So, I put in the Kenpo X DVD and did that workout too! I made it a doubles day - mostly because I was feeling great but I think I also felt bad about missing yesterday and I wanted to make up for it. After the Kenpo workout I was pretty beat and as I sit here now watching South Park I am feeling very tired. I should sleep good tonight!

Tomorrow is the always awesome Core Synergistics workout!

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  1. Wow... excellent job on doubling up with Interval X and Kenpo X!