Monday, March 16, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 56 & 57: Yoga + Chest, Back, & Ab Ripper X

Wow ... it is good to be doing the Chest and Back workout again! Since today is the beginning week 9 it is time to revert back to the first 3 weeks schedule: Chest & Back, Plyo, Shoulders & Arms, Yoga, Legs & Back, Kenpo X, and Stretch X.

Today was a good nutrition day because I am starting a new thing. Anytime I am tempted by bad foods, like deep fried Oreos, I am going to stop and ask myself one question: What Would Tony Horton Do? And from now on I will just refer to it as - WWTHD?

An example is: You are at a party and double stuffed cheese pizza is the only thing to eat. Normally you would think to yourself, "I have been working hard maybe just one slice!" Well, from now on that is not going to be acceptable. You must now stop and say out loud, "WWTHD?"

People around you might think you are a little odd with the conversing you are doing with yourself, but they are the ones chowing down on the fatass pizza so they are the ones that are odd!!

But to get back to the point the answer would probably be, "if you know you are going to a party you should eat something healthy ahead of time and put a protein bar in your pocket to eat there!" So that is how it is going to work from now on. I might even make myself a WWTHD wrist band to remind myself.... and yes, I might be crazy!

Now back to my Chest and Back workout. Annie, who is starting her 2nd week of P90X, did the workout with me today. It was a lot of fun to have someone do it with you and we both pushed eachother a little harder. She used the bands and door attachment for the pull-ups while I used the bar. She wanted to do it this way since we didn't start our workout until 8pm and this would speed it up! We both did very well on C&B but ARX was an absolute killer today. I made it through every rep and even did the bonus 10 reps on mason twists. Annie did well too on ARX especially since this is only her 2nd week so she had to listen to her body on a few moves.

Tomorrow is the always fun Plyo - I will be doing it alone because Annie wants to do spinning at the gym instead. She like going to the gym so she will probably do her cardio there and resistance days here. I hate the gym - not really relevant just felt like saying that!

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  1. "What Would Tony Horton Do?"

    He'd say "step step...Hold the money!" (from Plyo X)

    Or, he'd say "Coca Cola Bad....fried Oreo's Bad!...Ooops, I said it!"

    The WWTHD wrist bands will soon be available on I've already seen several people on his blog call him a god, so why not? :)

  2. That is awesome ... glad you picked up on the pun!